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Hooking with Friends

Adaptations of Early Hooked Rug Patterns by Carol Weatherman
Jill Peterson's "Homestead Series" patterns

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The Coming Months are going to be Exciting!

1.) New Hooked Rug Pattern - Rachel's Bouquet.

2.) A new antique adaptation is on the table soon to be released.

3.) Maggie Bonanomi's applique patterns fully kitted for you.

4.) Let's hook a dimensional pattern - new kits with pre-cut wool, pattern on linen or just purchase the pattern. These would be the cutest gifts! Get started for Christmas.

5.) Footstools - DYI - save money on shipping with the DYI footstools - everything included in the stool packet. Then choose from various patterns to cover your footstool. Or purchase a blank pattern and do your own. The hooked piece just slips on, therefore you can change your pattern out whenever you want.

6.)  The Sampling is now carrying Rustic Moire Wool Threads. 100% wool threads are naturally rustic and coarse with slubs that will add dimension to your wool applique, embroidery or punch needle pieces. Each spool is just fabulous in unbelievable hues.

Don't forget about "The Wool Harvest" in September! Information is on this site, just click above in the menu.