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Pick your kits for class. Kits are sold only to class participants as of this date.

Sharpsburg, MD August 8th thru 12th, 2018.

 Fredericksburg,TX Sept 16th - 20th, 2018

SLRHG Workshop, Missouri Oct 15th -18th, 2018

The Wool Harvest, Oklahoma City, OK November 8th – 9th, 2018 (for classes)

Eagles Nest Rug School Ligonier, PA April 14th - 18th, 2019

All patterns for classes are on burlap. Wool and textile will be aged. Colors may vary on patterns.

"Indian Brave" 
Measures: - 23" by 12"
Cost of kit - $85.00
"Sliced Apples" 
Measures: - 28" by 13.25"
Cost of kit -  $90.00
"Circles 1896" 
Measures: - 17.75" by 15.5"
Cost of kit - $68.00
Measures: - 12" by 25.5"
Cost of kit - $72.00
Measures: - 12.5" by 18.5"
Cost of kit - $60.00
Measures: - 16" by 16"
Cost of kit - $75.00
Measures: - 17.5" by 22.5"
Cost of kit - $91.00
"Log Cabin" 
Measures: - 15.5" by 21.5"
Cost of kit - $73.00

Measures: - 12.75" by 26.5"
Cost of kit - $82.00
Measures: - 25" by 20"
Cost of kit - $112.00
"Primitive Lion" 
Measures: - 13.5" by 23.5"
Cost of kit - $92.00

"Farm Cat" 
Measures: - 20" by 14"
Cost of kit - $78.00
"Horse with Blanket" 
Measures: - 16" by 16"
Cost of kit - $65.00

Class Taught by Carol Weatherman

Definition of a Fragment: Patterns are manageable size to hook; so, a full understanding of finishing a piece can be achieved in class. 

My inspiration came from an early hooked piece I purchased. It was cut to a smaller size; most likely this fragment was the only salvageable section.

primitive style is not easy to achieve; unless your textiles have been aged in a matter of believability . Each Student will have available aged textiles for their use.
Wool and other textiles will be used. Early pieces contained varied textiles (use what you had) for there were no wool stores for rug hooking in the 1800’s.
Burlap is used for a base. This is not a messy burlap. Your piece will be light weight just like an early rug.

Instructions will be given on hooking techniques, tricks on wearing fibers and finishing (no binding, this is an option though). 

The result will be a finished piece with the provenance of the 19th century. The students can apply these lessons for future projects. 

The feel of a piece is very light weight, fibers are worn, and colors are aged; this is hard to capture in a photo.

This is the first year for the “Fragment” class to be taught.  I am so excited about the class and you will be too when you see the finished rugs in person!

Summary: An unconventional class has many surprises! It will be a fun lesson and time passes quickly.

Price under pictures includes pattern on burlap and wool.