Floral Patterns in "Fragments"

Price under pictures includes pattern on burlap and wool.

"Seven Sisters" 

Pattern was named after a vintage rose, this rose blooms only once a year.

​This is a gorgeous rug! 

Soft blacks with a touch of greys, very muted colors in the pot. Vining and rosebuds are muted but they make this pattern stand out. 

This is a larger piece, so you must be an aggressive rug hooker or having the understanding it may not be finished in class. This pattern kit is worth it!

Measures: 18" by 25"
Cost of Kit $140.00 

#8 cut
Should be an aggressive hooker. Use of nylon in the rug makes flowers pop out. 
This is my favorite piece.

Measures: - 16" by 16"
Cost of kit - $95.00

#8 Cut

Measures: - 25" by 20"
Cost of kit - $125.00

#4 Cut
This is a favorite!

Adaptation of a 19th Century Rug
"Ohio Rose"

14" by 22"

Pattern $45.00
Kit $85.00

#4 Cut