Denise is self taught and has studied extensively the techniques of all forms of early portraits. 

Many have admired her paintings of Early American portraits and I am sure the watercolor silhouettes will be loved too. 

Please scroll through to see her amazing pieces of art. 

If you want to purchase Denise's products please contact Carol.

 Carol Weatherman

This portrait is of a 19th century naval officer. His profile is done in ink and watercolor. He is handsomely depicted in his Navy uniform. It was created perhaps for a loved one before departing on a long voyage at sea.

The name given to him is Nathanial Eames. He is encased in a black wooden frame with the center highlighted in gold.

The frame is complete with all the mounting hardware so your piece will arrive ready to hang.

Dimensions of outside of frame: 6.5" by 8"
Dimensions of inside of frame: 3.25" by 4.5"

Price is $65.00 plus shipping.  

Please contact Carol for purchase.

Nathaniel Alcott

This distinguished gentleman, affectionately named Nathaniel Alcott, is a full-length silhouette portrait from the early 19th century. The profile is backed with a watercolor scene of foliage that is simple yet charming.

One can imagine that perhaps his likeness was captured to give as a memento to his family or sweetheart to remember him by.

His prominent pose is shown in period style clothing. Close inspection reveals hints of his frock coat, high shirt collar, and locks of hair. 

The image is elegantly housed in a black frame with gilded highlights, which accentuate the portrait. The inside diameter of the frame measures; 5”by 7” and is priced at $75.00 which includes Mr. Alcott's travel fare.  Please contact Carol for purchase.

Man with a Telescope

This is a watercolor done on parchment paper and then placed onto a faux book cover by Denise. It is aged to give the appearance of antiquity.  There is a leather hanger for your convenience. This is not a print.

  It measures 7” by 5”. 

The cost is $85.00 which includes travel fare. 

Contact Carol for purchase. 

Blue Winged Bird

This watercolor was prepared in similar manner as the previous portrait but Rachel painted it. It was painted on parchment paper then aged with slight curling of edges for a gentle reflection of use. As shown in the following photos it is placed on a marbleized book cover and does include a leather hangar perfect to display the painting if so desired in cabinets.

This piece measures 6.5" by 4".

For Thee to receive the painting is a modesty fee of $45.00 but does include travel fare. 

Please contact Carol for purchase.