I want to share some photos of finished rugs which have been sent to me from Customers or Students.  Give them a round of praise for a job well done! 

Beverly Cole​

I recently hooked this rug in a class with Jayne Hester and wanted to share the rug with you. I love him and he is hanging proudly in my living room. Thank you for designing such awesome rug.​

Cindy Hanula​

Finally finished my 1871 Rug taught by Carol Weatherman of The Sampling. Had such a great time with the ladies.

Weslee Hursh

This is a rug from a class I took taught by Carol Weatherman of The Sampling. It incorporates techniques which predate traditional rughooking - standing wool and coiling. Thanks, Carol!!

Carolyn Hawkins's rug finished from Two Stars of Texas class. This pattern is called "Pennsylvania Tulip & Star."

Great finished piece!

Betsy Lanning's Rug from Two Stars of Texas class.  This pattern is called 
"Four Petals."

Great job Betsy!
Cindy Sullivan's 1871 Rug
Wool 'N Getaway Rug Hooking Camp
March 2017

Judi Sadler's "Mrs. Rabbit"

Judi hooked this pattern in a class I taught in Ohio this year, 2017. Judi sent me a sample of her wallpaper as she had a specific place she wanted to display it. The face is a shade of teal; of course, monitors never show true.
 I color planned around the teal for her.  

Judi did amazing work with the flow and dimension. But when she added different textiles to the flower basket it just stood out. This piece is an example of wonderful textile art.

Good job, Judi!

This is a Sharon Smith pattern from offthehookwoolrugs.com

Kathy Bonnes
 from The Wool 'N Getaway Rug Hooking Camp March 2017
Great hooking, Kathy!