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I want to share some photos of finished rugs which have been sent to me from Customers or Students.  Give them a round of praise for a job well done! 

Beverly Cole​

I recently hooked this rug in a class with Jayne Hester and wanted to share the rug with you. I love him and he is hanging proudly in my living room. Thank you for designing such awesome rug.​

Cindy Hanula​

Finally finished my 1871 Rug taught by Carol Weatherman of The Sampling. Had such a great time with the ladies.

Weslee Hursh

This is a rug from a class I took taught by Carol Weatherman of The Sampling. It incorporates techniques which predate traditional rughooking - standing wool and coiling. Thanks, Carol!!

Carolyn Hawkins's rug finished from Two Stars of Texas class. This pattern is called "Pennsylvania Tulip & Star."

Great finished piece!

Betsy Lanning's Rug from Two Stars of Texas class.  This pattern is called 
"Four Petals."

Great job Betsy!

This is a wonderful group of talented ladies. We had so much fun in the class (Two Stars of Texas). I really enjoyed teaching all the days.

From the left to right First Row: Judy, Me, Charlotte
 Second Row: Carolyn, Janie, Carol, Betsy
 Back Row: Debbie, Connie, Sondra.